Friday, August 21, 2015

Encapsulate Update

My closet as of yesterday

When I started my own capsule wardrobe project, I looked to Project 333 for guidelines. In the back of my mind I wasn't sure how it was going to work out with reducing my closet to a finite number of items, but I wanted to give it a try anyway.  I do love the premise behind The Wear Your Joy Project and wanted to see if I could integrate the two successfully.

I did like getting dressed with less and clear favourite items emerged pretty quickly. However, I found myself dreaming about some of the items that have been packed away in the back of my closet.  I missed my Washi dresses, my Laurel/Anna hack dresses (2 in particular), and my navy leggings.  It felt as though those joy-inducing items had been sacrificed in order to meet a numerical goal.   I didn't like that.

So, yesterday I crawled to the way back of my closet and brought out the items that I had been really missing.  And now my closet feels very joyful! All of my happy garments are there, smiling at me and waiting to be worn.  All in all, I added less than 10 items to my summer wardrobe.  Fall/winter items I had been missing were added to my more accessible off-season storage.

Even with the newly restored garments, it only takes up half of my closet. I love my colour palette of pink, navy, grey, and white, with bits of turquoise and black.  My clothing is versatile and can often span multiple seasons.  I love the idea behind capsule wardrobes and convertible clothing.  I think dressing with a definitive palette and style is very clever as it makes shopping simple and cuts down on closet orphans and impulse buys.  It reinforces the fact that I prefer handmade or thrifted items over RTW.

Limiting the number of items in my wardrobe just doesn't work for me.  Like many of you, I have lots of moods to dress for (most often as some sort of grown up version of a ballerina) which require more than 33 or 37 items of clothing to make it work.  I am no longer going to be (obsessively) counting hangers and stressing over how many items I have in my wardrobe.  I am going to focus on two important points: 1) the joy factor of each garment, and 2) that they fit comfortably.

Now there's room for this beauty that my husband and daughter found me.  In rayon jersey, no less.

I can't even tell you how much I love the Muppets.  I am so looking forward to their new show this fall!

Now I'm off to download a copy of the Bettine dress.  I have some gorgeous grey French Terry that I want to use to make a warm and soft fall/winter Bettine. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Go Set a Watchman

I just finished Go Set a Watchman.
Again, it is crystal clear why Harper Lee is an award-winning author.
The book is hilarious, poignant, breathtaking, and infuriating by turns.
Read it.  Add it to your personal library. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sewing of Late

Sewing at Casa Rhinestone has dramatically slowed down over the past few weeks.  In addition to dealing with a pretty big flare of my arthritis, I started Remicade therapy.  The first infusion was a walk in the park; however, my second was much more challenging.  I'm hoping that it's a one-off.

I have been actively planning my fall sewing as I find I am becoming more and more interested in modular clothing.  I took the plunge and purchased a convertible pantsuit from Seamly and I am so very, very happy with my purchase.  It is sinfully comfortable and looks smart on, which is ideal for the days when my pain in getting me down and I still want to look put together.

I decided to give my arthritis experience a voice of its own over here.  The froth, fluff, and fancy here distracts me beautifully and I'd like to keep it that way.  However, there are times when living with chronic illness deserve a platform of their own. 

I've now got two Remicade infusions under my belt and I hope to be able to get back to more regular sewing soon.  I have had some significant right shoulder and arm discomfort which should settle down shortly.  Thank heavens for my massage therapist!